Kandiyohi County: Willmar

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  • Willmar Minnesota Churches and Religion Resources, from

  • *see Bible

  • Assembly of God
  • Willmar Evangelical Free Church

  • Harvest Church
  • Employment

  • Employment Oportunities at Heartland Cummunity Action Agency
  • Foods


    El Tapatio 1111 1st Street South, Willmar, MN 56201-3511 (320) 214-0444 () ‎


  • Kandiyohi County Jail
  • Willmar
  • Immigration

    NBC Nightly News - Willmar Immigration

    "A network news story about the ethnic diversity of Willmar, MN - a city of 18,000 in Western Minnesota "

    Somali Soccer Team

    "Somali Youth Playing Soccer in Willmar, Minnesota, USA. "
    *see African: Somali-Somalian of Somalia-Soomaaliya Outreach



    The Mayer Sisters Story Part 1 - Today's Christian Videos


    West Central Tribune


    "Photo by Steve K. of Praise FM"

    I attended this concert somewhat "last minute" after persistence from a friend (Rose V.), who didnt' give-up on wanting to go to this. Some friends (from the Philippines) of mine "backed down" and didn't get any reservations on anyone wanting to go. Rose then told me she was interested the evening before and I said "ok". However, another friend (Asianne) told me she booked a flight to leave Thursday evening (night of the concert)-I took Friday off from work to attend a weekend worship conference in the Twin Cities, so I told Rose we might have to cancel. On the morning of the concert, I got a call from Asianne that she changed the flight departure, so we decided to "all" attend the concert. It was worth it!!! Praise God because He moved mightily amonngts my friends and others present! Thanks Hillsong London for leading us to an awesome worship time! Also, thanks to Praise FM for organizing this . Lastly, thank you Willmar E-Free for hosting!

    You Are Here (full)

    "Hillsong London concert Apr 23, 2009 Willmar, MN "
    I am Yours (clip)

    Be Lifted High chorus

    From the Inside Out full

    Poverty - Children - Compassion International

    " - View this powerful video from Compassion International and educate yourself on the plight of children living in poverty around the world. "
    *see Social Issues: Needy, Poverty, Poor, etc...
    My personal ministry I support=> Ministry to the Poor

    Hosanna full

    One Way beginning

    *see European: United Kingdom-England-British Outreach

    Natural Disasters

    twister of willmar vid 1

    "twister that i record in willmar, MN as seen on channel five new and channel 4 also "
    Willmar tornado 7/11 , from


  • Sonshine Music Festival

  • Salvador's "David Dance" at Sonshine Music Festival 00' in Willmar, Minnesota

    "This is a beginning part of a "Salvador" concert I taped at a small stage in the annual "Sonshine Festival" in Wilmar, MN""


  • Willmar, other city website
  • Willmar City Guide
  • Wilmar Area Lakes Chamber of Commerce
  • See You in Willmar, list of entertainment (e.g. night life)
    Z Wire
    -go rollerskaing/rollerblading at their music entertainment rink center (close)
    -Wilmar Lakes Area, includes Winter Fest (starts in January)
    -shop at Kandi Mall
    -check out the various concerts at the Wilmar Civic Center throughout the area (especially Soneshine Festival!)


  • First Street Warehouse

  • For Today

    "November 15, 2008 Warehouse, Willmar Minnesota "




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